The Jet Age

jetage_1Since a few weeks the United States (and a large part of the rest of the world) are under the spell of Obama and Hillary. The real elections are still about nine months away, but the Democratic Primaries are a thriller. You would almost forget that there is still another president at te wheel. And every day there are more Americans who have a lot of problems with this president. Americans like Eric Tischler from The Jet Age.

After The Jet Age's debut album "Breathless" from 2006 this singer/guitarist from Silver Springs, Maryland started working on the next record. A soundtrack to an imaginary musical that asks what is our responsibility, as citizens, when our government is out of control. With this issue as a subject and the riff to the song "If I Had You Then, I'd Still Want You Now" as the starting point Eric started working on the songs for the political concept album "What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?" from The Jet Age.

The story is about a family man who gets in trouble with his own passivity, while his government is dumbing down the population. At the end he comes to the tragic conclusion that a suicide bomb attack is the only solution. Together with bassist Greg Bennett and drummer Pete Nuwayser Eric has completed the songs with splendid heavy music. Music which, according to Eric is influenced by bands like The Who, Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine (although I can't hear this last band in this music). The CD was released by Sonic Boomerang Records.

>mp3: O' Calendar

>mp3: False Idols

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